For the First Time in 23 years, Sudan and USA Do Initiate Exchange of Ambassadors: Pompeo

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – During the stay of premier Dr. Abdalla Hamdok in America, the good tidings spread; US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, announces that and for the first time in 23 years, his country and Sudan have decided to initiate the process to exchange ambassadors, describing the event as a historic step to strengthen relationships bilaterally.
However, the premier and the accompanying delegation, discuss with the US administration many issues, on top of which is the delisting of Sudan from the countries that sponsor terrorism.
If Dr. Hamdok is to succeed in convincing the Trump administration to do so, then, this is the time that Sudan can deal freely with the world institutions especially economically and financially.
‘If our endeavors in this regard are to fruitfully materialize, companies from all over the world, including USA, are to come to invest in our country –something that is mutually beneficial’, says Hamdok, noting that such a thing depends on the cancellation of Sudan’s name from the list of the terror states.
However, many factors are to consolidate this trend. For one thing, the invitation to premier Hamdok comes from the US administration itself to meet not only with the US top officials, but, even president Donald Trump himself.
According to the Arab Times newspaper, there are some of the US congressmen who pressure vigorously for the removal of Sudan from the list of terrorism.
Even here in Khartoum, US has presence considerably; its chargé d’ affaires happens to participate in the negotiations between the freedom and change forces and the military council till they finally succeed to form the incumbent transitional government-a move that should be interpreted in one way or another as tacit recognition of the December revolution.
Moreover, there is the US liberty glory ship that arrives at Port Sudan loaded with good quality food stuffs that are provided as gift to the Sudanese public.
In addition, once the new Sudanese government is formed, it is the Americans who grab the opportunity to establish business here in Khartoum, especially restaurants.
Besides, there are other entities who all the time keep pressuring US to free Sudan from the grip of terror. To begin with, there is the friends of Sudan (Arabs, Westerners and none) who have been engaging into meetings in Washington to help Sudan in all domains, especially delisting of its from terrorism. These are to include the following UN, Egypt, Qatar, France, and Germany, EU, the World Bank and the international monetary fund.
President of France, Emmanuel Macron, expresses readiness to support Sudan economically as well as the removal of its name from the sponsor countries of terrorism, adding that they are to call on the holding of an international conference with the purpose of provision of assistance to it, especially economically and financially.
Foreign minister of Germany, Heiku Maas, announces their support to Sudan to overcome economic crises, completion of the peace process and to have the economy got reintegrated internationally.
EU when visited recently by premier Hamdok, it shows determination to stand by the side of Sudan in all spheres, especially economically. Now, it is noticed to provide Sudan with 55 million (in Euro).
Kuwaiti Ambassador, Al ‘Uteibi, and from within the premises of UN, talks seriously about measures that should be adopted to see the name of Sudan got eliminated from terrorism, indicating that such a thing should not only be in words, but, also urgently associated with deeds genuinely.
The international monetary fund and the World Bank have shown readiness to consolidate the position of Sudan till the time to have its name got removed from terrorism.
The Sudanese nationally are not the exclusion from this trend; they do often keep insisting that US should free Sudan from the tight grip of terrorism, hoping that efforts exerted so far by premier Hamdok are to result in accomplishing successfully all the aspired for goals.
And Hamdok on his part warns that if Sudan is not to get removed from terrorism, definitely, it will be destined to crumble down catastrophically -a situation that is to create a conducive environment to the terrorist groups, particularly Daish, to get in.

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