Prime Minister Affirms the Role of the Media in All Fields

Information Minister Calls for Arab Partnerships in the Field of Media

By / Zuleikha Abul Razeq

Khartoum – Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk stressed the importance of the role of the media in all fields.
Addressing here yesterday the opening session of the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), Hamdouk said that the union is one of the platforms for integration between the Arab countries, stressing that his government will work to secure the climate for media in order to play its role in laying the foundations for respecting human rights, stressing that Sudan is looking forward to more cooperation with the union, directing the official state bodies to facilitate the union’s work in Sudan, calling for more training and qualification to keep pace with the rapid surge in this field, welcoming the participants in these meetings, indicating that this occasion coincides with the celebrations of December Glorious Revolution.
For his part, Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohmed Saleh called for partnerships between Arab countries in the field of media and attention to joint training to communicate the true image, valuing the position of the union in the support they provided, adding that Sudan has crossed a new stage in which it looks forward to a free democratic future, and that the union is a witness to this stage that coincides with the first anniversary of the glorious December Revolution, expressing his happiness and pride in hosting the General Assembly meeting.
ASBU Director General, Abdel Rahim Suleiman reviewed the efforts of the union in establishing a unified Arab platform and the union’s march since its foundation, in addition to its future plan.
The President of the Union, Mohamed Al-Owaisi praised the revolution of the Sudanese people, saying that the Sudanese people were role models for the Arab people in expressing their stances peacefully, valuing Sudan’s role in establishing the union.

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