Sudan inflation rate jumps to 60 pct in November


Sudan’s inflation rate for last November increased by 60.67%, compared to 57.70% in October, according to a statement issued by a government agency on Monday.
The Central Bureau of Statics, in a statement seen by Sudan Tribune, attributed the rise in inflation to the increase in prices of the food commodities whose contribution to inflation reached 61.22%.
The statement pointed out that the annual inflation rate rose to 60.67% in November, registering an increase of 2.97% compared to the previous month.
The agency indicated that the rate of inflation in urban areas recorded 56.81% in November, compared to 56.15% in the previous month.
In parallel, the inflation rate in rural areas increased to 63.40% in October compared to 58.73% in September.
Earlier, the director of the Central Bureau of Statistics, Karam Allah Ali Abdel-Rahman, said that the inflation rate has remained somewhat stable during the current year, at a lower extent than 2018.
He expressed hope to bring down inflation to single digits in the coming period.

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