Tawor: The Challenge is to Achieve Peace and Development

By / Al-Sammani Awdallah

Khartoum – Member of the Sovereign Council, Prof. Siddiq Tawor stressed that the challenge facing the parties at the present time is to work to move the country from the state of war to the prospects for peace and building for the future of generations that aspire to the sovereignty of the values ??of peace, freedom and justice.
Following his meeting with the delegation of the Justice and Equality Movement, headed by the movement’s deputy leader Adam Issa Ibrahim, Tawor said that the government and armed struggle movements will present a peace model this time different from previous models, based on seriousness and responsibility and based on the principle of partnership, indicating that the armed struggle movements is an integral part of the country’s change process.
For his part, Adam Issa stressed that the meeting strengthened the spirit of partnership between the movement and the government to work together to push the peace process forward, indicating that achieving peace in the country requires common will and official and popular efforts and requires concessions from all parties, indicating that the meeting discussed the issue of releasing the prisoners of the movement , noing that Dr. Tawor pledged during the meeting to pay attention to the issue of prisoners and discuss this file at the level of the sovereign council.

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