Week of the Italian Language and of the Italian Cuisine in Sudan

Press Release

During the first week of December (1-5 December) the Embassy of Italy to Sudan organized an “Italian Week” to promote Italian Language and Cuisine with a very diverse program of events (see attachment). As usual, the Embassy organized and coordinated the activities, in close cooperation with the Khartoum office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) and with support from the Sudanese private sector (DAL Company, Hiba biscuits, Rotana, Tuttifrutti).
As far as the Italian language is concerned, a soprano and piano concert took place on December 3, at Kics School, under the title “Italian On Stage: A musical Journey”. Soprano Cristiana Arcari and Maestro Massimiliano Tisano performed an impressive repertoire of songs and melodies composed by masters of the “Italian style” in classical music, together with some pieces from the regional repertoire, in order for the audience to appreciate the different local varieties of language.
On December 4, at CIC – Comboni Italian Centre, prof. Andrea Palumbo, an Italian teacher specialized in teaching Italian Language to foreigners, ran a workshop for students of Italian language around the theme “Italian On Stage: Le parole dello spettacolo” (Italian on Stage: the words of the show”).
As for cuisine, as on past editions, culinary excellence was linked with nutrition, in line with the active role Italy plays in the fight against malnutrition in Sudan (to the extent that Italy was nominated Donor Convener for the UN movement SUN in 2017). During the days from 1st to 3rd December, AICS ran a nutrition campaign in peripheral areas of Khartoum under the slogan “Cook Safely, Eat Safely”, together with four NGOs (Baladna, Ovci, Usratuna and Emergency) and Hiba Biscuits Company. More than 500 women were involved in the preparation of high nutritious biscuits to be used during the weaning period, prepared with local, sustainable and affordable ingredients (sorghum and peanut paste). The Director of the AICS Office in Khartoum recalled the importance of the first 1.000 days of life of a child: “It is a time of tremendous potential and enormous vulnerability. How well or how poorly mothers and children are nourished and cared for during this time has a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, learn and thrive”.
A Gala night at the Italian residence closed the week under the slogan “Shape, Taste and Harmony” synthesis of the Italian culinary style. The reception provided a further occasion to highlight and convey nutrition messages, along with tasting of food from Italy, in a pleasant atmosphere, cheered by another performance by the soprano and pianist.
“Italian language and cuisine are highly appreciated in Sudan and we would like more and more Sudanese friends to be familiar with them. At the same time, solidarity and inclusion remain at the heart of our action,” stated the Italian Ambassador, Gianluigi Vassallo. “We really believe that what is not inclusive is not sustainable, and we are guided by the objective of leaving no one behind.”

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