Feel it: Empowerment

Women are the umbrella of everything, you must know that being a woman is a blessing from God, you have the power that no man has, which makes you carry the tasks of home, work and children, as well as the problems of pregnancy and childbirth that no man can afford, and despite all these troubles, but you do not complain and do these tasks and your face is a smile.  Then you probably don’t need anyone to tell you why you should be proud to be a woman. 
Being a female is that you are a symbol of motherhood and that God has blessed you with the gift of pregnancy for 9 months and you feel your child growing in your gut, it is a wonderful feelings that no mother forgets. They have the power to deal with problems although people perceive them as weak but they have the ability to deal with problems, to confront conflicts vigorously and to take responsibility. Women have their own beauty, when God created women make them a symbol of beauty, simplicity and agility, as well as the wisdom that does not exist in men.
Reports revealed that one of the encouraging consequences of the international attention on war rapes in Darfur is that women activists are increasingly positioning sexual violence against women as a concern on the national political agenda. Several legal reform initiatives are under way within the country among both state and non-state actors alike. The comprehensiveness of the reforms suggested differs in substance, but there is a consensus among both government and civil society actors that there is a need to differentiate between rape and adultery in current law. This consensus is extremely important, especially considering the sensitive and increasingly politicised and polarised debate on the topic.
Although women face serious challenges in the Sudanese legal system, it is important to highlight how women activists are launching reform initiatives in order to bring justice to rape victims and to end the system of impunity for rapists. International donors can contribute a great deal in terms of supporting these reform initiatives and facilitating dialogue forums. 
Breastfeeding is the best way to provide infants with the nutrients they need. WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding starting within one hour after birth until a baby is six months old.
Despite what some people think, women have always worked. Women played valuable roles in the pre-Industrial market economy by laboring on family farms. Women were also important to the Industrial Revolution, often moving far from home and taking dangerous and low-paying jobs in order to support their families or live independently without familial support.
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action said that breastfeeding is an important woman’s issue, human rights issue, and feminist issue, since breastfeeding empowers women and contributes to gender equality. Women who wish to breasted their babies but cannot – because of inadequate support from family or health workers, constraints in the workplace, or misinformation from the infant food industry – are oppressed and exploited. Groups and individuals interested in fighting for women’s rights and human rights should take action to change this situation, and recognise breastfeeding as a woman’s right. 
Women are empowered by asserting the value of both their productive and reproductive work. Women should never be forced to make a choice between mother-work and other work. Conditions supportive to successful nurturing, are conditions which reduce gender subordination generally by contradicting negative images of women and emphasising the value of women’s reproductive work.
Greetings to all women of Sudan who are struggling to earn living. Greetings to  all women of Sudan specially women of  Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, who keep lives and fight to achieve peace and stability. Women still have a hard work to enjoy their human rights and you have to say we are proud to be women.

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