Hamdok Meets SPLM-N Delegation Led by Arman

By: Zuleikha Abdel Raziq

Khartoum- Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has affirmed keenness of the government on the implementation of the program of the forces of the revolution, stressing that the revolution’s issues will be given priority by the government of the transitional period.
This came when Hamdok met here yesterday the delegation of SPLM-N- Aggar, led by the Deputy Chairman of the movement, Yasir Arman.
Arman declared in a statement to SUNA the support of the movement to the transitional government, which is based on the program of the Sudanese Revolution of freedom, peace and justice, affirming keenness of the movement on a productive partnership for realization of peace and for a citizenship without discrimination.
Arman said that the meeting tackled the importance that the public posts in the state shall reflect the structure of the Sudanese society and not to be a monopoly of certain groups, besides the living conditions of the people and the economic issues and that of the IDPs and refugees and ways for realizing comprehensive peace.
He noted that the meeting underscored the importance of making Juba’s peace talks a success, describing the meeting as fruitful, in which the movement expressed its commitment to be part of a national partnership for building a new Sudan for all the Sudanese.

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