Information Minister: Agreements with Arab Countries to Qualify the Media

By / Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Saleh revealed bilateral agreements with some Arab countries for the rehabilitation and development of Sudanese media, which will be signed during the next two days.
During the meeting of the General Assembly of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and the celebration of the golden jubilee of the union held in Khartoum, Saleh pointed to agreements with the union for more cooperation, technical support, training and qualification, adding, “We need to work in partnership with Arab media institutions so that we can keep up with technology”.
He announced that they would soon enter HD on Sudan TV, with the assistance of ASBU, adding that this required training and qualification of the human cadre
“We work in two axes, which are the axis of peace and democratic transformation,” Saleh said, adding, “We want all the media to contribute to achieving peace and democratic transformation”.

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