Legal Reform Symposium: There is Laws Restricting Legal Reform

Khalda Elyas

Khartoum – Law experts and lawyers described the legal reform conducting now as slow and not as expected, noting that no rulings have been issued in the trials of the courts regarding the ousted regime, calling for the need for justice in this regard, adding that there are a number of laws restricting and hindering legal reform.
They pointed out, at the Communist Party symposium on legal reform yesterday, that there are 65 laws that must be repealed or amended, such as the National Security Law, the Press Law and the Personal Status Law, calling for the necessity of establishing a commission to deal with violations.
The experts questioned the eligibility of the Sudanese judiciary for the trial of the former president, calling for his extradition to the ICC, describing war crimes as crimes against humanity, noting that everyone has the right to live in dignity and enjoy good treatment and human rights, noting that the revolution came to uphold human values ??and not only changing the regime.

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