Mukhtar Calls for the Completion of the UN Anti-Corruption Matrix

By / Mona Mustafa

Khartoum – The Sudanese Anti-Corruption Transparency Organization welcomed the meeting of Sudan’s friends on the country’s economic issues.
 The Secretary General of the organization, Dr. Al-Tayeb Mukhtar said, in SUNA Forum yesterday, that they are preparing a report on transparency and fighting corruption, which is an integral part of the international organization before the first quarter of January, in order to gain more degrees, indicating that Sudan has made progress in fighting corruption during the era of the December Revolution and won the respect and trust of the international community and friends of Sudan.
Mukhtar called on donors to provide technical assistance to combat smuggling and remove the name of Sudan from the list of terrorism, calling for speeding up the formation of a corruption commission, rule of law and activating the role of civil organizations and human rights, poverty reduction and peace, and completing the matrix of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

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