About Us

Sudan Vision Newspaper

adheres to be the window through which the world can look and know Sudan , the diversity of its .people ,land , religions ,culture and traditions as well as it’s political , economic and social development . the paper’s mission from the star was to advocate for national unity and reconciliation , peaceful resolution off all disputes as well as ethnic and religious coexistence , sustainable inclusive political , social justice and the rule of law , woman empowerment and children rights and welfare.
the newspaper in it’s 15 years journey (4th August ,2003 ) has been able to address in very professional , rational and logical manner all the national , regional and international issues . it’s also advocated very strongly for African integration and unity and good friendly relations with all countries and the international community. Sudan vision vision has built through the years very strong relations of cooperation with the regional and international institutions and NGOs.
the paper has registered a historical record in the number of subscription for and English newspaper in Sudan .the newspaper became a major source for news and information on Sudan through its active website which is visited daily by thousands of readers as the only English newspaper in the country. Sudan Vision is considered as a major source of information for many embassies , foreign missions , regional and international institutions and agencies .

Why Sudan Vision :

From our vision of influential media, from Sudan to the world, Sudan Vision goes a long way beyond the ether, where the whole world is: the Sudan Vision platform. The experiment matured and expanded, with a vision that requires the ability to keep pace, and move from the transfer of news and industry to the impact and impact industry, and achieve the interaction sought by the reader today, after the reception and reception, and the impossibility of an element in the construction of media content, in parallel with the development of tools storm electronic communication Which sweeps the ends of the earth.

The work does not succeed unless it is based on professional foundations, and this leads us to be honest and accurate, and to adopt objectivity as a professional agenda to be the gateway to a new media age.

Our Vision :

Our vision is to become Africa’s premium provider of quality content across all media platforms.

Our Mission :

Independent Media will lead the new media revolution by helping to build and strengthen Sudan and grow our presence both locally and internationally. This we will accomplish with excellence in the way we conduct our business, in our product offering and in our service to our diverse readership base.