Creation of Job Opportunities

In the news, the Council of Ministers has approved the plan for employment of youths for the year 2019, which targets providing more than 160,000 young people with job opportunities. The plan has come as part of the strategy of the ministry and the instructions of the Prime Minister to give big employment opportunities to the youth at the central and state levels. The plan was prepared with the participation of various bodies, including the National Authority for Youth Employment, the Ministries of Agriculture and Social Security besides a number of civil society organizations.
Earlier this year President Al Bashir announced 2019 as the Year of Youth, admitting the weakness of the government institutions to employ all the graduates, pledging to remove all obstacles affecting the microfinance programme.
According to official statistics the rate of unemployment reached 19% which means more than 2 million unemployed 25% of them are university graduates, a matter that represents a social threat which might to further to become security threat. The government procedures to confront the unemployment phenomenon remained routinely in just creating thousands of jobs to flourish the hopes of thousands of the jobless graduates; but the news jobs are not sufficient to accommodate all the graduates as then of thousands will remain in the waiting list with all the frustration and boring.
It is true that the manpower was affected by the current economical conditions and the recess which overwhelmed the whole country except the conventional mining in which thousands are working in search for better living conditions.
To reduce the unemployment to the minimum the government should restructure the economy, opening more vocational training centres, innovating new flexible methods to encourage the workers in the informal economy e.g. farmers and shepherds besides reconsidering the agricultural policies a matter that will stop the migration from the rural areas to towns. Most important is banning the special licenses for the foreign manpower in the jobs which Sudanese can fill. It is high time to formulate a strategic programme to determine the role of the private sector and encouraging investment, besides establishing unemployment control fund and on top of all that is the availability of strong political will.

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