Editorial: A Ray of Hope

The Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), 1st. Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al- Burhan, affirmed that the TMC is open to sit and negotiate in order to reach a solution at any time.
The Director of the Political Department of the Presidency of the Republic, Ambassador Hassan Ahmed Al- Hussein Al-Arabi, noted in a press statement at Khartoum airport after the conclusion of the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s visit to the country that the objective of the visit to Sudan is to initiate a decent mediation and, to bring the views of the Sudanese parties closer, in addition to get reassured on the situation in the country.
AbiyAhmed met with the Chairman of the TMC in the presence of the council’s members, in addition to his meeting with the members of the Forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change FFC, and a group of various Sudanese political forces.
Al-Arabi said that Abiy Ahmed has stressed that his country will remain beside the Sudanese people, calling on all parties to sit to the negotiation table.
However, the TMC and the FFC are still at loggerhead and that is obvious from the media campaign launched by each party.
Each party claims that it is cohesion and effective in the political arena with an apparent decline of chances to preserve that cohesion.
The FFC do not obtain the ingredients of the vital cohesion to remain united and effective as it will be subject to fragmentation.
This might lead to the emergence of another force from other political blocs.
If the mediation of Abiy Ahmed succeeded in bringing back the TMC and the FFC round the negotiations table and the political address is changed to overcome the disputes, then the county will avoid the political confrontations and the transitional period will pass smoothly towards the general elections.
We believe that the TMC will absorb the shock of the concessions due to the firmness of the institutions it represents and effectiveness of its impact.
As for the FFC it might gains a little but will be also a victim to the increasing concessions.
Let us hope that the Ethiopian Prime Minister goes ahead with his mediation to its ends to achieve what the region aspires especially the AU and the IGAD towards the formation of a civilian government, hence bringing Sudan back to the AU membership as an effective player.

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