Editorial: Advantages of the Foiled Coup

The recent coup attempt and its continuous consequences which will reveal more surprises in the upcoming days is the only coup attempt which all the Sudanese trust its officially announced story unlike the previous ones which people thought that it might be just fabrications from the Transitional Military Council (TMC).
This is because the TMC revealed the names of the top brass army officers who were involved in the coup, besides the infiltrated videos and the start of investigations with those leaders.
This time the TMC started arresting the leaders of the attempt from the military generals and the Islamic Movement leading figures.
Despite the fact that the aborted coup produced a kind of fear among all the Sudanese that the revolution might be kidnapped; but this fear also resulted to a new feeling within the two parties (the TMC and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC)).
Both (the TMC and the FFC) felt now that they are in the same boat facing the same fate towards the gains of the uprising.
Accordingly the TMC and the FFC should work together for strengthening the confidence and accelerating the steps of negotiations besides agreeing on the least of the actual partnership which allows them to preserve the stability during the transitional period and confronting all the threats.
As for the FFC it should launch an internal dialogue among its components to reconcile their stances towards the conditions of preserving the transitional period which is supposed to be the mission of the military wing in the transitional government.
The joint mission of the TMC and the FFC to Juba to meet Abdul Aziz Al-Hillu gives a positive indication that the two parties are convinced to start joint work in the peace dossier.
This joint mission means complete recognition from the FFC to the danger of disregarding the armed groups and not bringing them onboard the revolution.
Let us hope that the TMC and the FFC partnership deliver and bring an end to the Sudanese internalized agony.

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