Editorial: Alarm Bell

Any observer to the present situation in Sudan and the expected future in the light of what is going on between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) is convinced that it will not provide any solution to the people who are suffering from the price hikes and the daily difficulties facing them.
Our advice to the TMC and the FFC to be more rational in their talks because people are fed up and the economical situation is deteriorating.
The economical deterioration will be followed by the security instability within the absence of the government.
The security instability started already and the thieves and criminals intensified their activities within the absence of regular forces.
The TMC and the FFC should consider the nation’s interest because it is above the interests of the TMC or the FFC or the Sudanese Professional Association (SPA).
The FFC is still in the consultation stage with the armed groups in a useless dialogue which will not lead to overcoming our crisis.
It is time wasting while everything is in its way to collapse.
For instance the power cuts which were programmed became now out of the control of the electricity corporation and the distribution of power became random. This means that the main infrastructure of the country is collapsing.
We thought that overthrowing Al Bashir’s regime will lead to considerable reform considering that the new rulers know the corruption and will return all the stolen funds and assets to the treasury of the government; but nothing happened till now.
We thought that the TMC will work hard to remove Sudan from the terrorism list and the economy will benefit from that through the resumption of the international banking transactions and benefiting from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in recovering our deteriorated economy.
Instead the country has become a forum for talks between the TMC and the FFC without any consideration to the suffering of the people.
It is time for urgent formation of the transitional civilian government before we reach the explosion stage and every aspired gains of the uprising are lost.
The TMC and the FFC should together bring us out of the present crisis; otherwise the people will again take to streets and return to square one of the revolution.

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