Editorial: Ambiguous Scene

It is apparent that our country is being led with open eyes to the unknown.
Everybody knows this reality; but what is the nature of that unknown which we are heading to? Unfortunately nobody knows.
Other countries were led to the unknown and its fates varied from falling into civil war or fragmentation or sinking in bloodsheds.
Some of those countries are still bleeding while others are healing.
If you ask any of the players in the political arena about what is our country heading to you will find no answer.
Nobody knows where the current events are leading us to.
Nobody has a vision for the future and nobody wants to agree with the other.
Every party wants to impose its agendas completely without any consideration to the people who suffering a lot.
Are we heading to civil war? Why not? In our country there are more than 10 militias and more than one army.
The arms could be sold everywhere and its market is open in all bordering areas.
The bitterness and agony left by the bloody conflicts in western and eastern Sudan, added to it the conflict over power-share in Greater Khartoum could drag the country into armed conflict despite the peaceful protests that dominated the revolutionists in the past months.
All the factors of igniting a civil war is available, added to it the conflicts of the foreign agendas over the Sudanese theatre.
Are we heading to a military coup, especially after the TMC admittance that some of the military generals were arrested last week? Why not? There are those in the military institution who are not happy with the performance of the TMC, while others are unsatisfied with the calls of the FFC to the army generals to return to their barracks, besides the Islamists who are in the army waiting for a chance to remove all from the political scene.
Are we heading to heading to political stability to build the aspired democratic future? Why not? We did it in worst conditions in our political history as we managed to overcome the ordeals and cross safely in 1956, 1964, and 1986.
We should learn from the previous lessons of 1956, 1964, and 1986 and come out with national accord that enables Sudan to cross to the safe shores.

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