Editorial: AU Expected Role on Sudan

In the news, Transitional Military Council (TMC) Chairman, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan received recently in his office at the Republican Palace the AU Envoy to Sudan Mohamed El-Hacen Lebatt.
The AU Envoy said in press statements that the meeting comes within the frame of his mission to implement the AUPSC resolution calling on the AU Commissioner to encourage all the political parties in Sudan on top of them the TMC and the Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change (FDFC) to reach inclusive agreement to pave the way for a transitional term to be run by civilians.
The African Union’s envoy has briefed by TMC on progress of his mission and the talks that he held with the internal political forces and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Khartoum.
He said that the African Union’s mission would continue to help the various Sudanese parties achieve understandings and agreements.
He said the understandings are at the hand of the Sudanese parties, adding that the African Union’s mission is confined to helping them reach agreement.
The Peace and Security Council (PSC) will discuss a report on the course of the power transfer process in Sudan within two weeks, said the African Union Special Envoy to Sudan.
The PSC recently decided to give the military council, which took power in Sudan after the ouster of President Omer Al Bashir, 60 days to hand over power to a civilian body, as the regional body provides to immediately suspend the membership of any African state if the army comes to power through a coup d’état.
The Peace and Security Council stressed in its decision of 30 April that the Sudanese Military and the opposition groups should finalize all transitional arrangements, including modalities, duration and priorities of the transition, as well as legislative and judicial structures, that will lead to the restoration of constitutional order.
We believe that the Au could play an important role in bridging the relations between the TMC and the FCF through providing technical assistance in the negotiations’ process which will continue till the end of the transitional period.
It is high time to concentrate on bringing out Sudan from its crisis rather than wasting time in classifying whether what happened is a coup or an uprising.

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