Editorial: Before It’s Too Late!

In a timely manner the political forces started providing prescriptions to cure the present situation through forwarding initiatives or visions to come out from the political crisis.
Those political parties showed dynamism within their ranks so it produced positive ideas that might lead to reaching consensus among the political action components a matter that will definitely result to common denominators.
What is presented by those political forces is not different in its contents from what President Al Bashir initiated.
For instance National Umma Party leader, Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi called for a joint meeting to include all the political forces with President Al Bashir to come out with a safe solution, while the Popular Congress Party and the Democratic Unionist Party came out with similar initiatives, and it is expected in the upcoming days that other political forces and national figures will forward their initiatives.
However, all the initiatives aim to avoid the collapse of Sudan.
We believe that the address of President Al Bashir to the nation and his pledges to be in equal distance from all parties after he delegated his powers as president of the National Congress Party.
What is needed now is an urgent move from the President to announce his welcome to receive all the political forces to discuss the joint national determinants to bring an end to the current political congestion to achieve the aspired stability.
Such meeting will bridge the gap and bring all political forces round the national interest negotiations table.
It is apparent that there is a strong will and sincere desire to shift to broader horizons without exclusion or hatred.
The political forces are able in the recent days to air their reservations at the beginning after which the initiatives and proposals were forwarded.
This was not acceptable at the beginning of the crisis, but now it is acceptable and likely to be possible.
There is a glimmer of hope considering that the NCP is no longer the ruling party and will have its new approach towards other political forces.
Let us hope that the political forces and entities inside and outside the country manage to pick the signals and invest in this historical decisive state.

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