Editorial: Beware .. Disease Outbreaks

According to UNOCHA some 16 Sudanese citizens were announced dead from causes such as cholera, dengue fever, rift valley fever (RVF) and chikungunya, and 1,082 have caught these diseases.
The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) stated in a report that over the past couple of months, Sudan has been facing numerous disease outbreaks including cholera, dengue fever, rift valley fever (RVF) and chikungunya.
As of 22 October 2019, 323 suspected cholera cases, including ten deaths, were reported in Blue Nile, Sennar and Khartoum states.
According to the report of all the cases reported, 95.6 per cent have affected people over five-years of age and 57 per cent are females.
The report noted that the increase of these outbreaks can be linked to the recent floods in the country that have left large pools of stagnant water, which are breeding sites for various types of vectors such as mosquitoes and houseflies.
It stated that the government authorities and humanitarian partners are actively responding to these outbreaks across the country, providing health assistance, vaccinations where appropriate and vector control interventions.
The UNOCHA has warned that up 13,200 people are expected to catch cholera during the six coming months.
UNOCHA report represents an early warning to Khartoum State authorities in particular to take the precautionary measures to stop the outbreak and raises the standby degree to the maximum to confront this killing disease which is knocking the doors strongly and enters without permission.
Khartoum State Ministry of Health must mobilize all its efforts besides declaring emergency to stop any advance of the disease considering that its causes are available in terms of deteriorated environment and the garbage everywhere which represent an excellent environment for the outbreak.
The reporting of one case is enough to prove the existence f the disease and the possibility of its spread among the citizens.
It is high time for the health-related institutions in Khartoum State to coordinate with the water corporation to work out a plan to remove the garbage from the districts and providing potable water, otherwise the cholera will invade Khartoum State resulting to deaths amid the citizens.
All public hospitals should be ready to receive and isolate the emergency cases.

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