Editorial: Blessing in Disguise

In the news Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok said that the formation of the cabinet is a legitimate right of the prime minister, but he dealt with the issue through dialogue with the Forces of Freedom and Change, adding that there are conditions for the formation of the cabinet on top of which is the appropriate representation of gender besides including all sectors.
He added that women have the right to be represented in the transitional government due to their significant role in making the revolution successful. He affirmed that it is necessary for all the regions to be represented in the cabinet, disclosing that this was the main reason for the delay of announcing the new government.
Since the signature of the Constitutional Document between the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change a timetable was set to show the accurate steps which will follow the signature.
According to the timetable it was supposed for the new cabinet to hold its first meeting on the 1st of September to mark the transition to a new era in Sudan based on transparency with the main objective which is to bring the Sudanese economy out from its dark tunnel.
Many of us were worried due to the delay of announcing the new cabinet, but if we subject the issue to reality we will recognize that the delay is better especially after the Prime Minister explained the reasons for the delay.
It goes without saying that the upcoming stage is very different from all the previous practices because in the transitional period each minister should be qualified to work for achieving the aspired change.
We all recall that Hamdok rejected the post of being Minister of Finance in the last years of the ousted regime, because he cannot rescue an economy which was saturated by corruption in all levels of governance.
But now the situation is different because he is now the Prime Minister and he has the right to select the team that owns an insightful vision to make the aspired change.
The delay of announcing the new cabinet is good and people will know this before the end of the transitional period during which the government will conduct microsurgeries to remove the 30-years endemic diseases in Sudan.
The delay of announcing the new government is a blessing in disguise.

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