Editorial: Caesarean Section

In the news the announcement of the new cabinet is postponed for more consultations.
The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) leadership council and the nomination committee will meet to study the remarks of PM Hamdok and endorse the new cabinet before to be formally appointed by the Sovereign Council.
However, Hamdok demanded adding more nominees a matter that indicates his reservations on some of the FFC nominees.
It goes without saying that the Prime Minister and his cabinet will face a very difficult test in the upcoming period to lead the country to safe shores.
It is a difficult test because monitoring the performance of the government will not be limited to the legislature, but the pubic and the free media will assess and evaluate the performance of the government without any negligence to any defects.
We believe that carefulness is required in selecting those who will fill the ministries’ seats.
This necessitates from the Prime Minister to adapt strict measures in his selection and to consider that leading the revolution differs from leading the state.
The current political situations, the critical economic crises and the pending peace issue with its IDPs and refugees’ suffering require harmonious and knowledgeable government to deal with those issues besides the implementation of the policies and plans that will lead the country to the safe shore.
Our country suffered a lot in recent years due to the one-man show approaches, so we should not rely only that Hamdok is the sole savior without considering his aides.
It is true that the three years period in not enough to recover Sudan, and it is also true that the transitional government has specific assignments; but it is definite that this crucial stage requires rational leadership far from the personal whims.
Hamdok government is the newborn of the revolution, so the political physicians should protect this baby from any epidemics or diseases and the baby should take his full dose to resist the deep state and its likes.
The newborn government needs special care and should be subject to intensive structural feeding.
God bless.

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