Editorial: CAR Peace and the Sudanese Successful Diplomacy

Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that the initial signature of the Central African Republic (CAR) peace pact will be signed today in the presence of CAR President.
It is to be noted that the rivals of CAR have reached an agreement over the disputed issues including power-share, and the transitional justice.
Head of the Sudanese side in the negotiations, Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakeit announced that the two rivals agreed on the paper presented by the African Union following continuous contacts by the President of CAR and the chiefs of the armed groups, pointing out that President Al Bashir exerted huge efforts in this regard through his contacts with his Central African Republic President.
It is to be noted that Khartoum negotiations were participated by all CAR armed groups (14 factions) on the level of its leaders, besides a high level delegation for CAR government led by the Minister of the Presidency and several ministers on top of which Defence, Justice and Social Affairs Ministers.
It goes without saying that Sudan succeeded in what others failed to do in putting off the fires and striking a deal to achieve peace in the Central African Republic.
CAR peace pact is considered one of the most important contributions in boosting peace and stability in the African continent and the international community as well.
Within only ten days of negotiations and far from any foreign influences the 14 opposition armed groups and CAR government officials managed to settled all the disputed items except the issue of general amnesty which will be agreed on in adapting either the Transitional Justice or any other applicable formula.
This agreement represents another success for Sudan which accepted to adapt the African Union initiative and directives.
When President Al Bashir presented the Sudanese initiative after the acceptance of the AU and the UNSC the contacts started with the influential factors in the region to make the negotiations a success.
The agreement reached is a new dawn as it will stop the bloodshed era and a new birth for the Central African Republic.
Sudan has a bright history in the African continent since the liberation movements’ era as it played great role in liberating the African countries from colonization.
This role will continue till all the guns are silenced in the African continent.

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