Editorial: Caretaker Government with Clear Strategy

No doubt that appointing a prime minister is considered a step forward as he can start confronting the economic crisis and put it on the right track.
We believe that the first task of the new prime minister is to control the public expenditure to avail the funding to the productive units through providing the production inputs for the upcoming agricultural season; besides concentrating on agriculture through implementing the intensive programmes.
Our country has good agricultural infrastructure and qualified researchers, so what is required is stirring up the motivations and strengthening the fortunes to utilize our agricultural potentials to the maximum.
This year witnessed huge harvest of wheat which, according to official estimations could cover 64% of the demand, so the government should start from now to prepare for the harvest of next year through increasing the area to bridge the gap, hence achieve the self-sufficiency from this crop as happened in 1992.
The third task is to concentrate more on the Mineral resources through directing the conventional mining and to legalize it.
In this regard the Central Bank of Sudan should provide good prices for the conventional miners to attract them to sell their production to the Central Bank of Sudan, besides utilizing the mineral resources scientifically instead of the ongoing random approaches.
The fourth task is to provide the cash through supplying the banks and the ATMs with more cash to avoid the negative consequences of the lack of cash.
The caretaker government, which is not yet announced, should exert all possible efforts to come out with a clear strategy to provide the commodities with affordable prices and reduce the negative impacts of the continuous hikes in the prices of the essential commodities.
To sum it up, there should be short and long term plans to sustain the development projects and concentrate on agriculture to increase the production.

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