Editorial: Constitution-Making and Social Contract

In his recent open debate with the media outlets leaders, President Al Bashir revealed the formation of a committee to prepare for constitution –making.
It is apparent that making of a new constitution is on the urgent political agenda of the government these days.
It represents a unique opportunity and challenges for all the political forces in the country and in particular the governing party.
It is an opportunity because the new constitution making process represent a chance for a genuine dialogue between the government and the opposition in general. Also, it is an opportunity to pave the ground for a sustainable national stability and reconciliation that have become a must.
The challenge is the ability of all the political forces to rise above petty differences for the sake of the higher national interest and sit together to draw not only a constitution but more important a new social contract between all the people of Sudan. The new constitution must besides including the Bill of Rights already included in the present constitution another bill of social justice. Such a bill or a chapter in the constitution devoted to social justice will be the permanent cure for many of the causes of conflicts at many stages and degrees. What is most important that there should be beside the participation of the political elites a chance for the public at the grassroots level to express their concerns and the aspirations that they wish to see in the new constitution? This is because at the end the constitution is a roadmap to meet the people dream for a better life in all its forms.
Strong political will is required for formulating a permanent constitution for the Sudan.
Needless to say that constitution-making is no longer a process that is undertaken by a committee of a limited number of members, but rather it should be a process of comprehensive dialogue involving all the people of the country and supervised by a neutral group.
There are many issues that should be settled through inclusive participation to reach a democratic constitution with the participation of all without exclusion to any person or issue.
There is a need for adapting a new approach for constitution-making which is different from that adopted in formulating the previous constitutions of the Sudan.

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