Editorial: Corruption Empire!

Following the fall of the 30-year-regime of Al Bashir we discovered that most of the officials in the ousted regime were hhypocrites who managed under the protection of Al Bashir to make huge wealth.
The ex-regime was dominated by the grow up of corruption and the establishment of the Corruption Empire to the extent that our country became one of the drugs’ transit countries controlled by international mafia which found all facilitations from our corrupt officials.
The recent few days witnessed several events that indicate the dangerous attempts to damage the Sudanese economy as the Rapid Support Forces – secret troops – aborted gold smuggling attempt through helicopter in River Nile State.
The government was in need to rein the corruption phenomenon which became a daily practice while the corrupt persons enjoy their lives due to the weak laws a matter that make those corrupt escape any punishment.
The application of the laws requires political will because in the absence of political will those laws will be just on paper.
It goes without saying that completing the anti-corruption system is the only guarantee for Sudan to be within the states that have achieved progress in this dossier.
Writing-off the foreign debts, and lifting the economic and technical embargo could only be achieved if Sudan is classified among the states that have achieved progress in anti-corruption course like what happened in 2015 when Sudan was recognized as achieving some progress in anti-corruption dossier.
According to experts, the articles included in the law are enough to deter the criminals, thus scale down the cases of corruption.
The endorsement of the anti-corruption legislations meets the requirement of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), and this will automatically improve the rank of Sudan in the Corruption Perceptions Index.
In this regard we urge the concerned institutions in the upcoming civil government to recognize the considerable efforts of the Sudanese Transparency Organization and to support its mission in promoting transparency and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.
Without doing this the negative reports will continue and will affect all the states dealing with Sudan.
Let us hope that the upcoming government will take the necessary steps that will assist in stability, sustainable development and boosting transparency.

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