Editorial: Decision-making in the Transitional Period

When its envoy was promoting the Ethiopian initiative, his country was subject to a coup attempt that resulted to the death of military leaders and affected the social fabric.
This means that Ethiopia itself needs a foreign initiative to resolve its political and security crisis.
The same applies to South Sudan which sent an envoy to assist in resolving Sudan’s crisis.
South Sudan is not politically qualified to present any political initiative.
Nigeria, the Arab League and any other foreign initiatives will not bring an end to the Sudanese crisis.
We thank all those who provided initiatives to resolve our crisis.
The question is that why are we receiving this flood of initiatives while in our country we have hundreds of experts, prominent politicians, academics, research centres in the universities and civil society organizations.
From those institutions we can draft a comprehensive national initiative instead of receiving foreign proposals.
However, it is apparent that the AU/Ethiopian proposal is the best as it acquires that support of the EU, so the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) should accept the resumption of the negotiations under the umbrella of the African Union.
It is high time to resort to wisdom and avoid bring our country back to the revolutionary stage and the calls for escalation.
There is no need for violent reactions at this stage, but our country needs wisdom to enjoy picking the fruits of the uprising.
Political awareness should prevail the scene and through this political awareness we can confront the crisis and look for solutions.
The transitional period decision-making requires consensus among all the political components and not only the FFC. This simply means that the TMC and the FFC should not sign a bilateral agreement, but the issue should be inclusive.
The question that poses itself is will the FFC accept other political components to share the responsibility of the decision-making in the transitional period.
We will know the answer in the coming few days.
God Bless Sudan

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