Editorial: Delegation of Power to the TMC

In one of his recent addresses, the Vice President of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo (Himeidti) pointed out that the Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) are losing their popularity compared to the TMC which popularity is increasing day after day.
The FCF leaders always insist that they are the sole representative of the revolutionists, and they are working to achieve the aspirations of the people.
It is true that the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and FCF since the fall of Al Bashir found all the support from the protesters and the sit-inners.
Nobody can claim that all those who are calling for civilian government are representing the Sudanese people.
The groups represented by the FCF are now in the streets calling for civilian government, general strike and civil disobedience; while the group represented by the TMC claims that they are the majority.
Nobody has an estimated statistics on which party represents the majority of the Sudanese.
If we assume that all those who are in the sit-in area are supporting the FCF, then the TMC should mobilize its supporters to gather in the public parks and peacefully protest as this gives the TMC popular delegation of power to form the upcoming transitional government
Yes, the TMC should mobilize its supporters to end the debate over which party has the majority, especially that we did not see since the change of April 11th any supporting protests to the TMC.
Till then we will be waiting to see the popular delegation of power to the TMC to go ahead in its endeavours to achieve peace and stability in our beloved Sudan.
The Sudanese Army represented by the TMC is an essential partner in the uprising because the army protected the revolution by ousting the salvation regime and arresting its figures.
The Sudanese army remained all these long years shouldering all the sins and trespasses of the politicians.
Talking about the army and boosting its coherence necessitates considering the new realities represented by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) which entered strongly as an effective component in the political arena.

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