Editorial: Desperate Attempts

The so-called United National Move along with other opposition platforms named Rampage Barricades and the Sudanese Resistance Committees are active these days in instigating the protesters who take to streets to blockade the streets with barricades and at the same time warning the drivers of the vehicles to cross those closed roads for the sake of the driver and his vehicle.
The post they are circulating warns in strong words anybody to dismantle those blockades otherwise he will be subject to the outrage of the strugglers.
This violates the banners of the protestors (peaceful) and could be labeled under terrorism actions.
It goes without saying that the main goal of the government when it announces the state of emergency is to protect the public and private properties from any sabotage attempts.
The desperate attempts of those opposition groups is to ignite the situation through creating violent confrontation between the citizens who are driving and the protesters a matter which will definitely lead to the interference of the riot police, hence more damages to the public and private properties.
When you call a committee (struggle committee), this means that you are fighting a foreign enemy or troops who are invading your country, and fighting the citizens who try to remove the blockades from the streets.
It is high time for those to stop their desperate attempts in foiling the peaceful protests through creating hostile stances among the citizens.
We call for an awareness moves among the youth to recognize the plots of these new bodies which aim at diverting the youth from their logic demands which found positive response from the government to lead them to chaos.
The warning of the so-called United National Moves reads (No execution for whom we have warned), and this means that they might hurt the drivers of the cars if the latter try to remove the blockades.
We repeatedly urge the riot police to avoid using the excessive force against the peaceful protests, but in case of blockading the streets and banning the people from removing it, the riot police should deal decisively according to the state of emergency for the sake of brining about control.

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