Editorial: Don’t Miss the Chance

Among the activities in the sit-in square is that each area or region has a corner or a tent to express the issues of those regions or areas which suffered a lot during the so-called salvation regime.
Those activities represent a historical opportunity to consider the demands of those regions during the transitional term.
The issues presented in those tents or corners represent a golden opportunity to resolve the outstanding issues of the country since its independence.
It is not an easy task and definitely one political entity could not achieve the aspiration of the people of those regions.
It is the responsibility of all in the coming stage.
The issues of fair distribution of wealth, development and before all that the issues of accountability and justice are clearly presented in those corners.
The issue of the actual comprehensive peace and not what was drafted in the air-conditioned halls. It is the peace which each IDP should feel when he/she returns to his home village voluntarily.
We are sure that the fever of tribalism will emerge on the surface again, and unfortunately some of the callers of change are supporting this trend thinking that it is the solution in preserving the rights of all.
During the three decades of the so-called salvation regime the policies of the government are based on the tribalism representation which ended to more complications and absence of development.
The worst thing that the so-called salvation regime is that it depended on involving the tribal chieftains in the power-share thinking that those could silence any calls for resolving the outstanding issues or even construction of development projects in their areas.
Those policies paved the way for the opportunists and politics brokers to dominate this political scene.
We are definite that reaching an agreement over the issues and the honest endeavours to resolve do not require a formula that subject the involvement of the citizens from certain regions to reach consume agreements.
The only condition in this stage should be the competence and qualification and not more than that.
The transitional stage should concentrate on the issues or the war-affected areas, the IDPs, the status of the armed groups after the change, the status of the militias and parallel forces.
Resolving those issues will pave the way for achieving the aspirations of all the Sudanese people.

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