Editorial: Drugs’ Foray

Sudanese police authorities managed to seize 18 million pills and 16 tons of Hashish a matter that deserves appreciation considering the huge quantities discovered.
This issue should be highly considered because it means that Sudan has become a destination for the networks of drugs, and that our country has become a crossing for the drugs’ international mafia.
This necessitates providing the required arrangements and precautions to meet the consequences and the risks.
What makes the issue more dangerous is that according to the statistics is that what the authorities seize represents only 10% from the quantities entering the country.
This means that 90%is out of our hands which mean that a great danger has sneaked to the country.
The Anti-drug General Directorate chaired by Dr. Al-Juzouli Dafallah warned against the aggravation of the phenomenon of narcotics spread. He called on all community sectors to coordinate in order to curb this phenomenon considering it as one of the real threats facing the Sudanese society through targeting its youth.
The international community admits that despite the great efforts exerted, still the issue is aggravating due to the challenges ahead including the legal, health and globalization.
The media has its crucial role in raising awareness campaigns and building a healthy society.
The drugs here represent a scary ‘bogeyman’ which destroys the minds of our youth, hence leading to the spread of all kinds of crimes.
On the other hand Sudan is a crossing for the illegal migration and human trafficking due to its vast borders with other neighbouring countries, so it is difficult to control the smugglers and those who promote it.
The continuous crises in the country killed the hopes in the youth of our country and created a wide vacuum a matter that was exploited by the drugs’ mafias to promote the distributions of its poisons.
The statistics everyday tell us that the issue of drugs is widening and its arena is expanding which means more victims especially from the youth categories who are supposed to be the leaders of the future.
It is high time for the government to strengthen its regional and international cooperation considering that the drugs have become an international risk which requires the cooperation of the international community.

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