Editorial: FCC .. Don’t Miss the Golden Goal

In his last press conference on Tuesday, the African Union mediator, Prof. Mohamed El-Hacen Lebatt announced that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) have agreed on all the points of the AU/Ethiopian document except one point over the formation of the Sovereign Council.
He called in a press conference the two parties to resume direct talks immediately to discuss the disputed point and reach an agreement over it, urging the two parties to stop escalation.
He emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement over the Sovereign Council and the Civilian Cabinet under the presidency of a Sudanese figure to be nominated by the FFC, then to continue the discussion over any other issues, urging the two parties to consider the aspirations of the Sudanese people and commit to avoid escalation in order to avail conducive environment for negotiations.
It is high time for the TMC and the FFC to learn from the previous lessons especially after both parties agree that the negotiations is the best method to resolve the outstanding issues.
As for the FFC it should work to avoid the substantial mistakes it fell in at the beginning of the formation of the new political scene after the removal of Al Bashir regime.
The FFC should distance itself from vengeance and exclusion address.
Obviously, the hatred address adapted by the FFC at the early days of the uprising resulted to increasing the number of those who were not part of the change.
Accordingly the FFC should adapt a new address that sends satisfaction to the political forces, especially the forces that opposed the salvation regime before the uprising because those represent a broad political rainbow sitting as bystanders.
The FFC should launch broad consultations with all the political forces and armed groups to expand the circle of communications with all, hence reaching reconciliation on the national issues.
The FFC should exercise all possible flexibility and avoid stubbornness which resulted to the current stalemate after the formation of the civilian government was around the corner.
FFC should benefit from utilizing the golden goal which it scored on 30th June match through avoiding the past mistakes and adapt a new vision that accommodates all the complications of the political reality.

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