Editorial: FCF – TMC at Loggerheads

What is going on in Sudan since mid December is a complete revolution which acquired full support from the public.
The revolutionists are those of (Nafeer), Accidents Street Initiative, mosques’ rehabilitation, Schools reconstruction, sports clubs and musicians.
All those categories gathered in order to achieve noble goals represented by their slogan (freedom, peace and justice) regardless of their political or social backgrounds.
But what has been achieved up to these moments is just removing the political cover of the salvation regime, while the building which took 30 years is still coherent and controlling all the joints of the state.
Unfortunately we made our loopholes by our hands e.g. the Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) are not ready to provide the civilian alternative (the structure of the transitional period, the nominations of the prime minister and his cabinet.. etc)
With the absence of the civilian alternative, then to whom should the governance be handed?
We should not forget that there are sleeping cells of the counter-revolution which might work to return the cover of the political authority, and this is easy as long as we are still regressing.
It is difficult to get all what you want in a very short time and the principle of (everything or nothing) is not applicable in politics and historical turns.
We should not waste out time in the details while the issue requires consensus over the items that allow us move forward.
Then we should recall the armed groups which are a genuine partner in the revolution, so itheir visions should be considered in the transitional arrangements.
The Sudanese Armed Forces (SFA) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are partners in the revolutionary change and should be considered afar from the current ignorance to their pioneering role in making the uprising successful.
There should be special consideration to this pre-transitional period which is supposed to work on preserving security, arresting the ex-officials, freezing the accounts of all Salvation institutions, suspending all legislations against freedoms, contacting the armed groups to discuss achieving comprehensive peace.
There should be also a constitutional declaration to cover the two periods (pre-transitional and transitional)

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