Editorial: FFC .. The Revolutionary Dictatorship!

Rounds that lead to other rounds between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) without making any breakthrough and without seizing this golden opportunity of December 2018 uprising.
It seems that the two parties are only in feverish race to reach the steps of the Republican Palace.
The enormous rounds of talks revealed the weak political vision of the FFC which desire to get all the power and put the TMC on the symbolic position as the case of the Queen of Britain who reigns but does not rule.
The disputed Sovereign Council, according to an agreement reached by the two sides, has limited powers, but the Forces for Freedom and Change say having a civilian at the head of the collegial presidency is significant because it symbolizes the regime change in Sudan.
The FFC intends to exclude all other political trends and absenting the marginalized voices and the historic grievances of Darfur, Eastern Sudan, Kordofan and Blue Nile.
The leaders of those areas struggled against the ex-regime during which time they claimed hundred of their troops and leading figures.
The FFC is practicing the revolutionary dictatorship which Sudan did not witness during the 30 years of the salvation regime.
The revolutionary dictatorship is obvious in monopolizing the political and media scene through bullying those who oppose them besides airing the unfair judgments against anybody who has different point of view other than theirs.
The revolutionary dictatorship is apparent through the threats and abusing all who opposes its views in the civil service, diplomacy, judiciary and even the private institutions.
Our message to the FFC is that the people did not take to the streets to give the power to new tyrants whose aspirations are not farther than the square of the sit-in near the army HQ.
It is high time for the FFC to reconsider its stance and review its fatal errors in neglecting the political and social components through intentionally overstepping it.
We do not want to see new political tyrant which intends to disengage its violators and monopolizes the power, hence selling the illusion to the protesters in the sit-in square.

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