Editorial: Flexibility and Elasticity Required

In the news the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) are urging people to participate in acts of civil disobedience to put pressure on the Transitional Military Council.
The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) said Saturday that its resistance effort would begin Sunday and continue until the military council ceded power to civilians.
The SPA said it had accepted Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as a mediator to resume talks with the military council, although it demanded an independent investigation into the violence that has occurred since Al Bashir’s removal.
There was no sign, however, of a revival of talks between the FFC and the TMC. Protest leaders Friday insisted that any new talks with Sudan’s generals could only happen if certain conditions were met, including the removal of the military from the streets.
The citizens are confused towards the current situations as the FFC are escalating the political scene by its frank call for disobedience while the TMC is attempting to create civilian support through allowing the suspended trade unions to resume its activities to abort the civil disobedience.
It seems that there are no imminent solutions considering that the only way out from the crisis is to come back round the negotiations table.
It is illogical for the FFC to neglect the role of the TMC, and accordingly it is required to reconsider its stance and practice more flexibility in dealing with the crisis.
The FFC should consider that the TMC was not just a bridge to cross after the latter managed to remove Al Bashir 30 years of rule.
Isn’t it strange that the FFC and the TMC announced that they agreed on more than 90% from the details and disputed only on less than 10%.
It is high time for the TMC to practice more elasticity and for the FFC to practice more flexibility.
To sum it up we urge the TMC and the FFC to stop maneuvering in such narrow spaces.

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