Editorial: Formation of Government of Competencies Should Not Delay

The public is not satisfied by the decision of the new appointed military governors who did not replace the previous ministers and allow them to continue their duties.
This contradicts the directives of President Al Bashir who said in his address to the nation that the new governments in Khartoum and states will be from the technocrats after consultations with the political forces without exclusion.
People aspire that the new assigned minister will be mostly from the youth who were the leader of the protests which resulted to the present state of emergency announced after the President’s address.
The moves of the youth were the main cause of the ongoing changes towards comprehensive national consensus to bring the country out of its crisis.
It is true that the continuation of the ex-ministers in their positions might be temporary until the completion of consultations; but it is possible to assign the general managers of the ministries as caretakers until the new ministers are appointed.
We believe that the cancellation of the positions of commissioners is a successful step because the administrative officers can do the job perfectly, and at the same time it will reduce the unnecessary expenditure a matter that will contribute in directing the resources to the development projects and services in the localities.
As for the national accord central government which was based on the power-share, it is facing great challenge because the upcoming government will be from the technocrats regardless their political loyalties who must be agreed on by all the political forces in the country.
This necessitates assigning qualified national figures to launch broad consultations to form the new cabinet in order to find the support and satisfaction from the public as well as the political forces.
The people are aspiring for a cabinet that could resolve all the outstanding issues as soon as possible.
The success of the upcoming cabinet depends on the restoration of confidences in the executive body through emergency plan which addresses the main problems (bread, fuel, cash, medicine etc.), besides controlling the exchange rate.
Let us hope that the consultations do not delay and we remind that the people want independent government able to put Sudan on the right track in a professional manner.

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