Editorial: Good Coincidence….Human Rights and Human Development in One Day

It is a unique coincidence that Khartoum witness two events that are strongly interlinked, the first the 10 December Human Rights Day with it this year theme of “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights”. The second event is the launch of the 2019 Human Development Report with the theme of “Beyond income, beyond averages, beyond today: Inequalities in human development in the 21st century.
The Sudanese youth, boys and girls have actually demonstrated during the December Revolution and for more than for more than four months from December, 2018 to April , 2019 that they stand firm for human rights and democracy and freedom. And they paid a very heavy price for this stand which the whole world had witnessed and admired with fascination. So, the Sudanese youth have the legitimate right to celebrate this day with pride.
One the other hand the Human Development Report 2019 on “Inequality” is linked with the core factors of the conflicts in Sudan since independence 1956.
Some 40 years ago the founding father of human development, Professor Amartya Sen, asked a deceptively simple question: equality of what? He answered with equal simplicity: of the things we care about to build the future
we aspire to.
What is important that we take these two occasions to device the needed programs and projects that will further more and advance the themes of these two occasions and not take them just as a yearly occasion which end with the cremains as we have seen during the last decades.
The aim to promote the potential of youth as constructive agents of change, amplify their voices, and engage a broad range of global audiences in the promotion and protection of rights.
On the other hand we need to look at Inequality beyond just the material side of the coin because as was said human being doesn’t live on bread alone. So, democracy and participations as important as food security.

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