Editorial: Greater Khartoum in a Mess!!

Heavy rains have hit several parts of the country including greater Khartoum, resulting in operations at the airport being suspended for hours.
The downpour has also resulted in crawling traffic.
Greater Khartoum has been hit by heavy rainfall – and forecasters a warning of more to come.
An early morning deluge has resulted in due to flooding.
The Meteorology Authority is warning of potential interruption to power supplies and possible cancellations to public transport services.
The wind and rain is set to continue into tomorrow, but is not expected to be as heavy.
Usually the capitals are the bright sides of any country as all the central government institutions are there, so special attention through applying strategic plans; but unfortunately our capital (Khartoum) is exceptional from other capitals in the region, especially in the rainy season.
The waters of the rains fill the streets without being drained due to the absence of sewage system a matter that leads to the pollution of the underground water.
Few years ago an Italian Consultancy House prepared a structure plan after conducting field studies; but the officials in the ousted regime put all the studies and recommendations of that Consultancy house aside.
The rains cause unprecedented traffic jams due to the water on the roads and the mud in the side roads.
This requires from the concerned authorities to work out an emergency and urgent plan to drain the rain waters by providing the required vehicles besides the spread of traffic police elements along the major streets.
As for the transport, it is getting worse day after day and people waste several hours in waiting for public transport despite that announcement of the arrival of hundreds of public transport buses.
We believe that the absence of strict measures against the drivers encouraged them to increase the tariff besides dividing the one trip into three trips so the passengers have to pay three times.
It is high time for the government to take urgent steps to activate the public transport by subjecting fueling the public transport vans to their completing the trips and getting a stamped approval from the monitors as was the case years ago.
Khartoum State governor should mobilize all the efforts to bring back control.

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