Editorial: Hamdok and Nur Meeting .. A Significant Breakthrough

The French Foreign Ministry organized a meeting between Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok with the leader of SLM/A Abdulwahid Al-Nur in Paris. According to Al-Nur the meeting with Hamdok was in the latter’s personal capacity and not as prime minister.
The meeting discussed issues of peace in Sudan, the completion of the revolution and the building of the Sudanese state which has not yet been established.
The SLM-A affirmed its adherence to the comprehensive change and full civil authority, the dismantlement of the National Congress Party’s regime and its
The two sides agreed to continue the informal meetings and exchange views and ideas on the ways to solve the national crisis and complete the goals of the revolution in order to build an equal citizenship state and national partnership.
We believe that the meeting, even if it was informal, represented an actual breakthrough.
The meeting proves that Hamdok is very keen to reach a settlement to end the war and to move towards stability paving the way for development and prosperity, especially after the SLM-A its readiness to continue such informal discussions without any reservations.
The French Foreign Ministry step to arrange for the meeting is commendable.
It is natural that some politicians will criticize the step of Hamdok to meet a rebel leader in his personal capacity, but those politicians should consider the positive statements of the SLM-A which described the meeting as transparent and constructive.
We all know that Hamdok expressed strong desire to address the roots of the Sudanese crisis as an approach to achieve comprehensive and just peace.
It is good that the two sides agreed to continue their informal meetings to exchange visions on the appropriate means to resolve the national issue and completing the goals of the revolution towards building the national state.
We all know that Abdulwahid rejected totally to meet any Sudanese official even in his personal capacity for years.
However, the meeting is a significant step and could be considered as one of the victories of the revolution.
Let us hope that the meetings with Abdulwahid Nur continue after the apparent confidence between him and Hamdok.

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