Editorial: Hamdok Government Deserves Support

Last Friday the 28th of September 2019 was an exceptional day for the Sudanese people.
It had the taste of the victorious revolution which uprooted the NCP mafia and returned the kidnapped Sudan to its people.
It was a day that reflected the dreams and the aspirations of the Sudanese people.
Sudan is back to the international community after three decades of absence.
The return of Sudan to the international community was led by Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok who represented a distinguished presence during his meetings with the leaders of the world to mobilize the support to Sudan during the UN General Assembly.
The shuttle movements of Hamdok and his constructive meetings, during the UN General Assembly, with the international officials turned the mood of the international community and make it sympathetic to Sudan.
The address of Hamdok attracted the attention of the Sudanese people who were waiting for it till it was aired at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday.
All Sudanese were following, then through the social media the full text reached all the people.
The people were happy that now they have a respectful Premier who makes Sudanese proud.
The experience of Hamdok and his existence in the international community arena for year, paved the way for the return of Sudan to the international forums after three decades of absence during which the country was subject to economic sanctions and the list of terrorism.
Hamdok put it clearly that Sudan deserves to be delisted from the terrorism blacklist because Al Bashir regime did not represent the will of the Sudanese people volition.
The address of Hamdok was impressive; but the most admirable in it is he saying that he stands before the leaders of the world to represent the will of the Sudanese people, adding that the Sudanese people never supported and sponsored terrorism, but it was the ruling regime which the people overthrew through a popular uprising, affirming that the revolution came to fold a black chapter of regional and international isolation which caused to the Sudanese state a long list of international sanctions.
We believe that Hamdok availed a new environment for communication with the international community which in turn expressed readiness to cooperate.
It is high time for us being in the government or the opposition to support Hamdok government to complete the change process during the transitional period towards the sustainable democracy.

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