Editorial: Hamdok Moving Forward Despite Challenges

The visit of the Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok despite the challenging issues in the US-Sudanese relations file have achieved major breakthrough in some major issues. The task was not easy to the extent that some were worried that PM Hamdok was taking a big risk that may impact very negatively his government stability.
But he took the risk and attained some gains and more importantly opened the gates for further promotion of the bilateral relations between the two countries.
The most significant achievement of the visit may be the upgrading of the diplomatic relations to the ambassadorial level something that the ousted regime was unable to attain during the last twenty years.
Dr. Hamdok was also very clever when he accepted the discussion of the victims of the two terrorists’ attacks on the US embassy in Nairobi and the US destroyer Kohl in Aden.
In this context it may be a good idea to study what the US Expert and ex-diplomat Cameron Hudson of the Atlantic Council Africa Center has written recently; “While Khartoum does not have the cash on hand to make a final settlement today, Hamdok should be prepared to acknowledge this issue and work with the authorities and victim groups to seek an accommodation. One idea which has been circulated is to work with US authorities on a larger asset recovery effort for the billions of dollars of funds that were stolen by the previous regime, as a means of finding a new source of revenue to make good on these judgments”.
This is because the US government has no power to wave legal judgments so there must some sort of solution for this issue to move forward on the relations normalization file.
It is as well that this visit which has explored many critical issues with the US administration high officials well impact also the relations with the other regional and international partners which maybe we will see next week in the friends of Sudan meetings.

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