Editorial: Happy Birthday Sudan Vision

Today, August 4th, 2019, Sudan Vision completed its 16 years and lights its 17th candle.
We hope that the new year of the paper’s life to be more constructive and our staff managed to complete their noble mission.
Sudan Vision witnesses four decisive periods of Sudan history i.e. Pre-Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) during Naivasha peace talks between the Government of Sudan and SPLM, and then followed by the CPA period where the SPLM and the NCP jointly ruled the united Sudan. Thirdly comes the period following the secession of South Sudan and now the era following April 11, 2019 uprising.
Sudan Vision played a watch dog in following up all developments step by step.
Different opinions were expressed regardless of the affiliations of any directions.
Sudan Vision will remain adherent to its principles as a (Window of Objectivity) envisaging honesty and integrity in conveying the news and opinions.
Sudan Vision will remain a forum for all Sudanese without any bias.
All over its course the paper did not change or amend or blocked a view even if it is against the line of the paper.
We light our 17th candle today and we know according to our daily practice the difficulties and the stumbling blocks which the Sudanese press are facing due to the exceptional economic conditions.
However, we seize this opportunity and call on the concerned authorities to ease the taxations and levies imposed on the press input including paper, inks and other requirements.
By easing those burdens the press in general can play its role as fourth state in reflecting the image of the state as a civilized nation that provides the freedoms through caring for the media product.
In our new year we are planning to dedicate some pages for our talented kids to publish their short stories, opinions, paintings, etc.; besides resuming our Youth Vision page for our English language studiers along with French and English educational pages.
We also endevour to dedicate a page on weather forecast, crosswords, puzzles, horoscope etc. hoping that our interested readers to contribute to this page.
Happy birthday Sudan Vision Newspaper and its staff.

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