Editorial: In Search of Successful Reform

Since President Al Bashir launched his comprehensive reform and change, the country moved to a new square towards consensus approach.
But the opposition did not react positively through launching serious understandings over the national programme which all the Sudanese aspire.
The opposition is sunk in its suspicions over the credibility of the ruling regime besides its exaggerated optimism that it could topple the government.
The opposition doesn’t have the effective and active tool to win the final round by knock out.
We believe that there is more than an opportunity for the government and the opposition to enter into fair political competition through avoiding the past defects in our political course.
The remarkable change led by the President and his pledges to stand in equal distances from all political forces should be considered by the opposition if its leaders are keen to achieve security and stability besides stopping the confrontations and bloodsheds.
Conventional wisdom argues that single-party majority governments are best able to implement reforms because there are fewer veto actors within the government that can block the reforms.
However, these accounts fail to consider the veto power of societal actors and particularly of trade unions, which can stall reform even in the presence of a unified executive.
Controversial reforms require broad societal and consequently, political consensus, which are easier to achieve under minority governments or governments of broad coalitions.
The so-called Sudanese Professionals Association could not overthrow the regime and the recent considerable decline in the numbers of protesters proved that those demonstrations would not reach their dynamic stage to surround the Republican Palace as they allege.
Most important is that the public is refraining from those protests and the traditional political parties failed to mobilize their supporters to take to the streets.
Accordingly, there emerges an urgent need for the existence of rational political opposition that could invest these historic moments and transforms it to creative action.
We are looking for opposition with genuine will and desire to take the lead towards soft landing through the elections boxes as the best tool for making the change without confrontation over the power.

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