Editorial: Learning from the Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes of the Islamists and their ruling party during their 30 years is that they did not listen to the advices and views of those who oppose the regime.
They insisted that they are always right so they punished the opposition through the abusive laws and extra judiciary punishment.
Now the joint meeting between the cabinet and the Sovereign Council issued a decision to dissolve the former Islamist ruling party, the National Congress Party.
The legislation of dismantling the NCP aims at removing the empowerment practiced in the three past decades during which the party practiced all types of corruption to control the resources of the nation.
But because we are in Freedom, Peace and Justice rule the legislation did not include political isolation for the members of the dissolved party as was announced the Spokesperson of the Sovereign Council, Mohamed Al-Faki Suleiman who affirmed that a version of the Law on the Dismantling of the Regime of June 30 that included an item stipulating political isolation for the figures of the party of the ousted regime for ten years that was circulated over the social media is untrue.
The law endorsed by the meeting is capable to dissolve the one-party regime for the interest of the state of all Sudanese which is the main purpose of the law.
The NCP was a key instrument used by Al Bashir to anchor his authoritarian rule since a 1989 coup.
The National Congress Party is dissolved and its registration is cancelled from the list of political parties in Sudan, but despite that its members can practice their political activities provided that they were not involved in corruption or killing during the NCP rule.
This means that the honest Islamists can form a new party with a new approach which can reconcile with the secularism.
The Islamist Movement leaders should avoid their current extremism and to recognize that the change became a reality so they should contribute to the stability, peace and development.
They should avoid the political obsession and reevaluate their previous experience which was rejected by the people and instead adapt the moderate Islamic approach and not the extremist Islam.

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