Editorial: Let Us Be More Proactive

It is not logical to criticize the transitional government for the failures and defects of the ousted regime especially when it comes to providing the basic demands of the people.
We should consider that it is less than one month since the ministers were sworn-in to assume their difficult mission in confronting the challenges.
We called before in our editorial for more patience and it is our obligation to give more time for the transitional government.
Let us admit that one of the mistakes of the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) is that they endevoured to topple the regime but without setting a clear strategy towards the issues of the people.
The short time since the transitional government assumed its responsibility requires more patience from the citizens provided that the government opens corridors of hope and show its seriousness in dealing with the crises.
It is not the time to talk about the return of Sudanese Jews or separating the religious from the state, or the smuggled currencies in Malaysia, or other similar issues which have nothing to do with the queues of fuel and bread.
It is not the time for any political show by our officials to prove that they are humble and that they take their tea near the tea sellers or coming to the office with Tirhal.
We urge the Prime Minister to direct controlling the government address and to show the emergency measures taken to address the daily problems.
The crises inherited from the ousted regime are still stand still and Hamdok government should pay more attention to the daily issues of the people.
The government should recognize that a conservable number of those who supported the revolution were looking for better livelihood.
It is now almost six month since the Al Bashir’s regime was overthrown and the citizens are still waiting for the change that will change their daily situations for the better.
We can endure all the hardships provided that the government gives us the feeling that it is serious in dealing with our horrible reality.

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