Editorial: Let’s Hope Sanity Prevails

In the news Freedom and Change Forces (FCF) said it will enter into talks with the Transitional Military Council (MTC) for 72 hours.
FCF subjected the resumption of negotiations with the TMC to enter into direct and continuous discussion over the disputed points to end within 72 hours.
FCF received a call from the TMC to resume the talks and it was agreed that the previous approach is not consistent with the demands of the Sudanese people in achieving the goals of the revolution as soon as possible.
FCF meetings agreed to continue the escalating steps as the sole guarantee to achieve the goals of the revolution.
Let us hope that the FCF practice the utmost degrees of sanity in dealing with the TMC and avoid escalation and threats at least at this stage.
The unjustified haste and using revolutionary language in dealing with the issue of the negotiations resulted to showing the FCF at a weak position, as all its answers were in hurry and disappointing.
We all recall that weak address of the FCF representative in which they announced their boycotting the TMC and stopping the talks a matter that disappointed the supporters of the FCF and pleased the fifth columnist.
The urgency in dealing with the issue showed hidden disputes among the FCF and as evidence the constitutional declaration with was sharply criticized by NUP led by Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi and from the Sudanese Congress Party led by Omer Al-Digair.
The urgency which leads to escalation will shift the FCF from the position of ruling partner to the position of opposition.
This will harm all the gains obtained by the FCF since the start of the uprising.
It is unjustifiable for the FCF to retract from its current stance which puts it at the gates of the army headquarters to another position which makes it think of returning to the street demonstrations.
The FCF should recognize that they are a ruling trend now and should think according to that fact instead of addiction to practicing the opposition.
The shift from the position of opposition to the position of governance requires certain mental energy bigger that that exerted to make the revolution successful.
Let us differentiate between the nature of the stage and the nature of the state.

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