Editorial: Line Up behind Peace

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok welcomed the signing by the armed movements of the Juba Declaration of Peace in Sudan and promised to implement the whole agreement.
On the sidelines of his two-day visit to Juba, Hamdok met with the leaders of the armed movements in Juba.
During a dinner attended also by South Sudanese officials, he discussed the efforts of the transitional authority including his government and the Sovereign Council to bring peace to Sudan and create conducive environment for a democratic transition.
Hamdok stressed that the Sovereignty Council and the transitional government are working in concert to ensure the success of the peace process, adding that he will build on what has been achieved in Juba.
Meanwhile, The Sudan Liberation Forces Alliance (SLFA) headed by Altahir Hajir officially joined the rebel umbrella Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) ahead of peace talks with the transitional government in Khartoum.
The process of alliances, integration and unity which is overwhelming the armed groups in Sudan these days indicates that we are heading towards a new line up behind peace and to fulfill the requirements of peace.
The announcement of 4 Darfuri armed groups (SLFA) their readiness to negotiate with the transitional government institutions with a joint delegation as a commitment towards achieving peace.
The SLFA which includes SLA (Hajir), SLA (Yahya), JEM (Jibril Ibrahim), SLA (Minni Minnawi) announced the unification of its stances to enter the upcoming peace talks with a joint negotiating delegation.
We believe that the unification of stances among those armed groups along with the SPLM-N (Agar are now lining up behind making the real change in Sudan).
But the step is still incomplete as long as there are still two strong armed groups out this unitary agreement i.e. SPLM-N (Agar) and SLA (Abdulwahid).
We should not forget the stakeholder i.e. the IDPs in the three conflict areas in this formula as they are the real stakeholders.
To sum it up we can say that without dealing with the root causes of the conflicts otherwise the military operations in the conflict areas will resume.

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