Editorial: Looking for Third Path!

We are today in more need for a third path to avoid more conflicts and the pouring of more fuel on the fire of our miserable conditions which will definitely lead to more bloodshed.
We are now in bad need to stop the exclusion and betraying each other which will lead to the collapse of the country.
We are in bad need for a third path between the rivals who monopolized the negotiations over the transitional period i.e. the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).
We need the wisdom to dominate the scene to distance ourselves from the foreign intervention with its agendas and interests.
We need tolerance among us and that doesn’t mean forgiving the corrupt persons or thieves.
We need constructive dialogue which leads to good governance and sustainable democracy to achieve the slogan of the revolution (Freedom, Peace and Justice).
The constructive dialogue will lead to sustainable balanced development besides the just distribution of power and wealth all over the country, hence bringing an end to the marginalization.
We need a revolution against the wrong conceptions which was our nature in the past and which resulted to our backwardness.
One of those wrong conceptions was that we are a poor country which begs its food from abroad.
In the past we had the upper hand and we assisted other countries through providing it with food and expertise.
Sudan lies in a strategic location, so the countries in the region want stability in the country because the stability of Sudan means the stability of the whole region.
The other wrong conception is that the dictatorship is better for Sudan than the democracy because during the dictatorships all our values and morals were destroyed and the corruption dominated the political arena, besides weakening the economy and replaces the non-confidence on the pace of tolerance.
Obviously, Sudan is slipping towards the unknown and every hour that passes inches us to disastrous scenarios, while our leaders are busy with the percentages in the power-share.
If the country continues slipping towards the unknown, we will all harvest the abyss.

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