Editorial: Ministry of Industry Tasks in the Interim Period

As we all know that the interim period is very short (39 months).

The main objective of the transitional period is to avail conducive political and economic environment towards practicing real democracy and achieving the comprehensive development after conducing the elections.
Availing the conducive environment on the economic facilities could be summarized in two aspects:
The first is putting the house in order through restructuring the ministry of industry and trade that aim at improving the administrative, technical and professional performance of the ministry.
The other aspect is rehabilitation of the economic main infrastructure.
The first aspect requires reviewing all the laws and regulations which control the work and the efficiency of the cadres in the ministry besides the working environment.
The second aspect requires the formation of a technical committee to determine the public and private factories which are not working to know the reasons behind their stoppage and bring them back to the production cycle through financial and technical support that could be provided by the government
A list of priorities should be set according to developmental vision to include oil mills, textile factories, pharmaceutical factories, food processing, and flour mills.
It is also important to form a technical committee to review the factories which are not working with its maximum capacity considering that most of the factories in the country are working below 50% of its designed capacity to the extent that some factories work with not more than 10% of its maximum capacity.
Few years ago pharmaceutical factories announced their readiness to provide 80% of the country’s requirements from drugs within 5 years the obstacles facing it are removed, so it is one of the important tasks of the ministry of industry to review the obstacles and remove it to allow those factories work with its maximum capacity.
To sum it up we can say that if the ministry of industry managed during the interim period to bring back 50% of the factories to the operation cycle and upgrade the productivity to the maximum, then it would have made a great achievement to enable to next government continue the course after the end of the transitional period.

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