Editorial: Mission Not Impossible

The best description for the newly appointed Prime Minister and the NCP Chairman is that they are commanders without military uniforms.
The two men were appointed in a very critical stage which requires launching executive and partisan transformation.
We believe that choosing Eila and Haroun came because both enjoy special charisma that will lead to making the transformation successful.
As for Eila he is facing great tasks on top of which is the formation of the caretaker government to include those who have competencies regardless of their loyalty to this or that party.
Eila is supposed to enter into broad consultations with all the political, social and youth communities without exclusion; because this is the first step to restore the confidence between the citizens and the government and to affirm the seriousness of the government in dealing with the national issue in complete neutrality and transparency.
This is the first step then comes addressing the roots of the economic crisis which resulted to the present deterioration and was the main cause for the people to take to the streets.
It is a good omen that as soon as Eila assumes office he managed to reduce the customs dollar to SDG15 instead of SDG18 a matter that represents a right step at the right direction because it resulted to positive impact in the exchange rate and is expected to lead to the decline of the prices of commodities.
On the other hand, Ahmed Haroun has been assigned to a very sensitive position on the top of the National Congress Party (NCP) which was linked to the government for tens of years and now is separated from the central government and as well as the states.
The NCP has no more direct link to the executive positions to cope with the President’s announcement that he will be at the same distance from all the political forces.
This also applies in the new governors of the states who have no link with the NCP or other parties as they will also be at the same distance from all the political forces.
In this regard Haroun should deal with the new reality to prepare for the NCP conference to nominate the new leader of the party to prepare for the upcoming elections in complete neutrality and far from the support of the government.
Let us hope that Eila and Haroun succeed in their mission not impossible.

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