Editorial: Mobilizing National Resources

Although U.S. officials have expressed support for the new Sudanese government, removing Sudan from the State Department list requires approval from U.S. Congress after a six-month-long review.
Experts have voiced confidence that such process could begin soon by the U.S. government, given the ongoing financial crisis in Sudan.
The U.S. Administration is considering the removal of Sudan from that list.
In fact, some foreign leaders such as President Emmanuel Macron of France have expressed their willingness to urge the Americans to start the process of delisting Sudan.
However, the U.S. Administration could play a major role in Sudan’s economic and political recovery following nearly three decades marked with repression and poverty under Al Bashir’s rule.
Removing Sudan from the list will certainly open up Sudan for financial aid and foreign investment.
Obviously, lifting Sudan from the terrorism list will take a time that might exceed one year considering that it is a long process.
This means that Sudan will not be able to enjoy receiving development or eased loans within the current difficulty in involving the Sudanese banking system in the international financial system a matter that results to the impossibility of the flow of the hard currency from the Sudanese expatriates to Sudan through the Sudanese banking system.
This situation necessitates from the government to work out a plan to mobilize the national resources e.g. the surplus of the government and private sector besides the remittances of the expatriates.
The government should mobilize those resources because it is easier than the attempts of attracting foreign resources.
According to official statistics the surplus of the public, government, and cooperative sectors as investment deposits exceeds US$5 billion most of it is outside the banking system in terms of liquid money or gold or foreign currency or frozen assets in terms of real estate or lands.
According to some studies the savings of the Sudanese in the Diaspora is about US$50 to US$80 billions in terms of businesses revenues.
This simply means that we can mobilize (theoretically) not less than US$100 billion.
The question that poses itself is how can we transform those figures from theory into reality?
The answer could be through establishing giant companies to be run by professionals via private and public partnership (P.P.P.).

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